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Wavelength Calibration Artifacts
The WA Series of wavelength calibration references enable precise wavelength accuracy. Our WA Series of references utilize gas cells. Gas cells provide a feature set unavaiable from other reference technologies in terms of absolute long-term accuracy and environmental insensitivity. We offer configurations from mini gas cells to gas cells in instrument housing for a complete calibration solution.

Very Stable
The WA Series has very low temperature dependence of 0.01 pm per °C.

The concentration of gasses in these devices is extremely low. Even if the device were purposefully ruptured there is no danger. There are no restrictions on shipping these products because they ship under the small quantity exemption in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Traceable Calibration
As an option, we can provide simultaneous sweep data via a NIST-verified reference cell to add confidence to the calibration information.

Wavelength Calibration References (WA Series) Selection Chart
Model Model
(with verification certificate)
Description Wavelength Range Band Gas
WA-1255-1350 N/A Hydrogen Fluoride 1255-1351 nm O-Band HF
WA-1510-1540 WA-1510-1540-C
(1525-1540 verified)
Acetylene 1513-1540 nm Lower C-Band 12C2H2
WA-1530-1560 WA-1530-1560-C
(1530-1560 verified)
Hydrogen Cyanide 1528-1562 nm C-Band H13CN
WA-1560-1600 WA-1560-1600-C
(1560-1600 verified)
Carbon Monoxide 12 1560-1597 nm Lower L-Band 12CO
WA-1590-1640 WA-1590-1640-C
(1590-1630 verified)
Carbon Monoxide 13 1595-1638 nm Upper L-Band 13CO
WA-900-1500 N/A Water 899-1497 nm 900 nm + O-Band + E-Band + Lower S-Band H2O
WA-1530-1600 WA-1530-1600-C
(1530-1600 verified)
“Dual Cell” 1528-1597 nm C-Band + Lower L-Band H12CN + 12CO
WA-1520-1640 WA-1520-1640-C
(1525-1630 verified)
“Triple Cell” 1519-1638 nm C-Band + L-Band H12CN + 12CO + 13CO
WA-900-1638 WA-900-1638-C
(1525-1630 verified)
“Quad Cell” 899-1638 nm 900 nm + O-Band + E-Band + S-Band + C-Band + L-Band 12C2H2 + 12CO + 13CO + H2O