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PDL Calibration Artifacts
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) is critical due to the increasing complexity of next-generation optical networks. Ensure that your PDL measurements are accurate by confirming your measurements against the known value PDL standards in our PS Series.

Select Your PDL Value
The PS Series precision PDL standard is a compact in-line device that possesses a fixed amount of polarization dependent loss (PDL). When ordering, this amount can be specified from 0.05 dB to 0.75 dB. The PDL is measured using the Mueller matrix method according to the IEC-61300-3-12 specification.

The PS Series has very low PDL temperature dependence, low wavelength dependence and low drift over time.

The PS Series references are available with either FC/APC, FC/UPS or SC/UPC one-meter-long terminated pigtails. Additional cable lengths and connector types are also available.

Traceable Calibration
Calibration options are also available. The PS-C models are calibrated from 1530-1560 nm and the PS-CL models are calibrated from 1530-1630 nm. Calibrated models are shipped with a one-year calibration certificate.

Bench- or Rack-mountable
The 17” rack mountable is ideal for test system applications. The 8.5” bench model is ideally suited for portable or bench-top applications.
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