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Optical Test Calibrator
The OTC allows you to combine your optical calibration references (wavelength references, PDL references, ORL references) into a single, rugged enclosure for use in manufacturing or the lab. Wavelength calibration references, PDL calibration references and ORL calibration references can each be included.

Combine Your Optical Calibration Standards in One Instrument
Wavelength Calibration References
  • One- or two-wavelength absorption gas cells — including dual-gas, triple-gas and quad-gas cells
  • Coverage from 900-1640 nm
  • Per-absorption-line traceability data available
PDL Calibartion References
  • One or two PDL reference values
  • 0.05-0.75 dB PDL available
  • Traceability data available
ORL Calibration References
  • Both zero and reference reflection
  • Reference reflection: -15 dB, -12 dB, -35 dB, or -45 dB reflection
  • Traceability data available

Traceability Data
As an option, simultaneous sweep data can be provided via a NIST-verified reference cell to add confidence to the calibration information.