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PDL Meter: PDL/IL/ORL (Model 4600)
The 4600 PDL Meter characterizes loss, polarization dependency and return loss quickly, accurately and repeatably—all at an affordable cost.

dBm Optics’ technology supports unprecedented optical repeatability, accuracy, and speed. A device is characterized at between 1 and 9 wavelengths over multiple bands in approximately 1 second. An 8-channel device can be fully characterized in less than 1 second.

Repeatable Loss Measurements
Loss measurements normally require a reference measurement and then a measurement of the loss. The Model 4600 eliminates the need for the reference measurement entirely by using a proprietary real-time reference. The Model 4600 is constantly monitoring the input power to the device and calculating the loss based on the power out of the device. In addition to speeding the measurement and eliminating the reference errors, the Model 4600 eliminates the effect of variation in the source power between the reference and the loss measurement. The result: the most accurate loss measurements available anywhere.

Fast, Accurate Polarization Dependency Measurements
The PDL measurement of the Model 4600 performs fast and accurate measurement of the polarization dependency of the device, using either the all-state or the matrix method. Both methods are highly accurate due to real-time referencing within the meter which eliminates the effects of source noise and repeatability. This technology also eliminates the need to take reference measurements, further increasing throughput and reducing production uncertainty.

Simultaneous Return Loss Measurements
High dynamic range allows the Model 4600 to characterize return loss to levels approaching -70 dB. Return loss is measured simultaneously with insertion loss and PDL, with no added time required.

Test Wavelength Flexibility
The Model 4600 may be configured with one to five of the most typical source wavelengths, including single mode 1490 DFB, 1310 FP, and 1550 DFB. Additional choices include 980 nm, 1310 DFB, 1480 DFB, 1490 DFB, 1550 FP, 1620 DFB, any wavelength from 1519-1630 DFBs, and multimode 980 Flexcore 5/125.