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Photodiode Characterizer (Model 4700)
Complete PD Measurement System
The 4700 Photodiode Characterizer is a complete photodiode test system. It will characterize PDs or APDs (upcoming) without the need for additional power supplies. It is this simple: connect your device and press start.

Sensitive Current Measurement
Like the dBm Optics optical power meters, the dBm Optics photodiode meters employ an electrometer-based design. This approach allows much lower currents to be measured (below 200 fA) at much higher speeds. Normal current meter approaches cannot operate this fast because the impedance and input capacitance combines with that of the photodiode to yield slow response time. This is not the case with the dBm Optics 4700.

In addition to the speed advantages of the electrometer-based measurement approach, the 4700 has a high-speed parallel architecture that allows higher speed measurements. The 4700 will characterize a photodiode over a 100 nm span in less than 1 second.

Full Electrical Measurement
The photodiode measurement cards for the 4700 have built-in voltage bias, thus eliminating the need for separate supplies.

Integrated Polarization Dependency Characterization
The 4700 will simultaneously measure responsivity and polarization dependent responsivity (PDR) by using traditional All-States, Swept All-States, or 4- or 6-state Matrix methods. Full PDR over wavelength takes >8 seconds.

Integrated Return Loss
For fiber coupled devices, return loss is often an important specification. The ORL option for the 4700 provides return loss simultaneous with the responsivity measurement.

Fiber Coupled or Free Space
The 4700 will perform fiber-coupled characterization three different ways: using a tunable laser; free space using a TLS and collimator; or using a monochrometer.