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Optical Workbench (Model 4500)
 Flexible, Affordable Lab & Education Instrument
Flexible, Affordable Lab Tool
The Model 4500 Optical Workbench offers a combination of measurement speed, accuracy and repeatability combined with a wide range of optical control options—all in one easy-to-use affordable package. Running optical experiments has never been simpler. All capabilities can be run from a single screen.

Wide Range of Optical Capabilities
Options include polarization control, switching, attenuation and photodiode measurement.

High Speed
The Model 4500 combines 100,000 rps with a powerful processor that can handle the measurement speed. With two channels, each channel still measures at 100,000 rps.

Wide Dynamic Range
The Model 4500 with precision power meter modules measures from +10 dBm to -95 dBm, for a full dynamic range of 105 dB.

Wide Dynamic Range at Full Speed
Even more important than full dynamic range is the range you can achieve while making a measurement without stopping to change range. Most meters take ~20 ms to change range. The Model 4500 has a large dynamic range of >65 dB at full speed, eliminating the need to change range.

Low Polarization Dependency
The precision power meter modules have lower than 0.0015 dB polarization dependency of measurement.

Clear, Bright Display
The 4” x 6” VGA color display affords excellent ability to understand and analyze measurements on the power meter without the need to export to a PC. Trends, drifts, noise, perturbations are all clearly indicated on the graphic display.

Fast Data Transfer to Excel
The removable USB flash memory drive makes getting data to Excel very simple. Built-in Ethernet and GPIB communications makes remote retrieval of data easy to do … connect to your company’s network and get data to your desktop, home or other location over a VPN.

Low Connection Variation
Repeatability is a major obstacle to consistent results in the lab and to eliminating discrepant materials in production. The 4500 provides repeatability of ± 0.005 dB for typical changes in the input configuration, including 1 mm changes in the x and y dimensions, and -1 mm + 3 mm in the z dimension.