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Optical Switch (Model 4400)
 Ultra Low-Loss, Fully-Reconfigurable Optical Switch
The dBm Optics Model 4400 is a compact and robust photonic switch with low insertion loss. The 1xN switch has loss of <0.5 dB, loss repeatability of <0.005, and PDL of <0.02 dB typical.

Flexible Configurations
The dBm Optics Model 4400 is available with a variety of optical configurations, including multiple switch configurations, incorporating splitters and additional optical components and various semi-custom architectures. Using alterntive mechanical technology, we can configure this switch for 1xn switching, up to 1x32. Call the factory for more information on this low-loss, low-PDL, mechanical switching configuration.

Our technology provides a dependable long-term solution to optical switching applications.

Technology Advantage
The dBm Optics Model 4400 incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide the performance advantages that match the optical switching application. There are solutions for high-power switches, fast switching, low PDL, low ORL, and high repeatability. When used in conjunction with the dBm Optics Model 4650 Swept Spectrometer, additional advantages such as streamlined communications and optical referencing improve overall performance.