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Fixed Filters

Applications Include Test, R&D, and Communications

  • 1-Cavity, 2-Cavity, and 3-Cavity Designs

    • Depending on your transmission type

  • Very Stable Over Time and Temperature

    • Advanced YAG welding techniques lead to very good alignment characteristics over time

  • Low Insertion Loss

    • Losses are from 1-1.5 dB for fixed filters and 1.5-2 dB for tunable filters (depending on the specific filter)

  • Good Return Loss

    • >45 dB for both fixed and adjustable filter series

In-line Tunable and Fixed Filters

Specifications for In-Line Fixed Filters

In-Line Fixed Filters
Model Cavities Insertion Loss Return Loss FWHM
ILF-1560B-1-1-X-Y-Z 1 <1.9 dB >45 dB 1 nm
ILF-1560B-1-3-X-Y-Z 1 <1.4 dB >45 dB 3 nm
ILF-1560B-2-5-X-Y-Z 2 <1.4 dB >45 dB 5 nm
ILF-ccccB-1-c-X-Y-Z 1 Filter Dependent >45 dB User Specified
ILF-ccccB-2-c-X-Y-Z 2 Filter Dependent >45 dB User Specified
ILF-ccccB-3-c-X-Y-Z 3 Filter Dependent >45 dB User Specified

Ordering Information for In-Line Fixed Filters

Note that two parts are necessary to make a useable exchangeable filter.  Specifications are needed for both the collimator bed (TFM) and the filter cartridge.

  • In-Line Fixed Filter Ordering Protocol

    Use the following definitions to specify the in-line fixed filter (ILF).
    ILF-nnnnB-c-w-x-y-z (Example: ILF-1560B-1-3-S-F-A)
ILF =    In-line fixed filter designator
nnnn =    Center wavelength
c =    Number of cavities
w =    FWHM
x =    Fiber type  
  S =  Single mode fiber 9/125 for 1310 nm
  P =  Polarization maintaining fiber 9.5/125 for 1310/1550 nm
  M =  Multimode fiber 50/125
y =    Connectors  
  F =  FC connector type
  S =  SC connector type
z =    Polish  
  S =  Super physical contact polish (SPC)
  A =  Angled physical contact polish (APC)