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Company Overview

dBm Optics provides a line of photonic measurement and control instruments to support the goals of high-yield, high-throughput production manufacturing. We also have a range of instruments designed specifically for applications in research and development. Whether you measure component response on a production floor or work in R&D, dBm Optics provides solutions that will meet your technical needs at budget-friendly prices. Value means three things at dBm Optics: technical excellence, superior reliability, and world-class support.


Demanding FTTx, CWDM and DWDM optical test applications require accurate measurements based on a stable light source with a high wavelength resolution. Also critical is the ability to measure these signals rapidly and with high measurement integrity. dBm's success has been based on a focused commitment to solving the problems of optical component testing. We believe that your test system should not be the limit of your production capacity.

dBm's founders and key employees possess extensive management experience in fiber optics and test and measurement from industry leaders including Keithley, ILX Lightwave, Melles Griot, Fluke, Analog Devices, QuadTech, New Focus, and Lucent. dBm Optics' innovative products have been awarded many patents.


By designing our instrumentation from the bottom up for demanding production floor applications, you can depend on performance in even the most demanding conditions. dBm Optics' instruments are subjected to rigourous testing to ensure long-lasting performance. There are a number of key design innovations that contribute to dBm's high MTBF:

  • Protection of the photodiode(s) from environmental degradation
  • Elimination of humidity and condensation from key low-level measurement circuitry
  • Generous temperature management inside our instruments to eliminate temperature-related premature failure
  • Extensive power supply over-design
Dependable Partner with a Global Presence

Whether you are in a 24/7 production environment or a research and development lab, you need equipment that will be there for you and a company that stands behind you. Over 60 leading optical companies rely on our equipment day in and day out — including many of the top suppliers and key optical research labs worldwide. You can count on our industry-best application support to help define your test requirements, determine the most cost-effective and performance-capable solution to your needs, and deliver the after-sale support to make sure you are always online. Approximately 85% of our orders are from repeat customers.

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